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New Alloy by Carpenter Technology Offers Ultra High Strength with Toughness and Ductility

WYOMISSING, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar. 11, 2009-- A new alloy developed by Carpenter Technology Corp., Wyomissing, PA, USA, is Carpenter AerMet® 340 alloy, the latest in the company’s AerMet series of ultra high strength and ultra high toughness alloys.

Carpenter AerMet 340 offers high hardness (HRC 56), 345 ksi (2379 MPa) ultimate tensile strength (UTS), exceptional fracture toughness of 34 ksi√in (37MPa√M), and yield strength (YS) of 300 ksi (2068 MPa). The new alloy has demonstrated superior ductility to alloys of similar strength in terms of an elongation of 11% and reduction in area (RA) of 53%. It has also demonstrated fatigue strength of 140 ksi (965 MPa) at runout in rotating bending fatigue stress tests. Typical mechanical properties are shown in Table 1.

Carpenter AerMet® 340 alloy exhibits strength and toughness comparable to that of Marage 350 but with substantially improved ductility and fatigue resistance.

The new Carpenter grade can be considered for a variety of automotive, racing, aerospace and defense. Applications have included tubing, structural parts and components, drive shafts, springs, connecting rods and crank shafts.

The new Carpenter alloy is a precipitation hardenable (PH) martensitic grade that is heat treated and typically aged at about 900°F (482°C) to develop the desired properties. It is available from Carpenter in bar, hollow bar, sheet, wire, billet, plate and strip.

For more information about AerMet® 340 alloy or other AerMet alloys, visit Carpenter’s website at or send e-mail to or telephone (610) 208-2000 or (800) 654-6543.

Carpenter Technology Corporation, based in Wyomissing, PA, USA, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty metals including stainless steels and titanium, and various engineered products.

Table 1: Typical Room Temperature Mechanical Properties – AerMet® 340 Alloy

Aged 900°F (482°C)

Orientation 0.2%






% Elongation

in 4D

% Reduction

of Area





ksi   MPa ksi   MPa Ft.-lbs.   J ksi√in   MPa√M
Long. 300 2068 345 2379 11 53 11 15 34 37 56.5

Heat Treatment = 1775 °F (1 h) Air Cool + -100°F (1 h) Air Warm + 900°F (2.5 h) Air Cool +
-100°F (1 h) Air Warm + 900°F (2.5 h) Air Cool + -100°F (1 h) Air Warm.

Source: Carpenter Technology Corp.

Carpenter Technology Corp.
Carol Aulenbach (610) 208-2355

Carpenter Technology CorporationCarpenter Technology Corporation

Carpenter Technology Corporation is a leading producer and distributor of premium specialty alloys, including titanium alloys, powder metals, stainless steels, alloy steels, and tool steels.

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