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PremoMet(TM) Alloy Seen as a Lower Cost Alternative to Cobalt-Containing Alloys

WYOMISSING, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 3, 2009-- Carpenter Technology Corporation has announced the availability of Carpenter PremoMet™ alloy for consideration as a lower-cost alternative to many cobalt-containing steel alloys. With its superior strength, toughness and fatigue resistance, even in high-load applications, PremoMet alloy could be considered for many high-demand power train components in heavy-duty diesel engines and other commercial transportation and locomotive applications.

PremoMet alloy is a patent pending, ultra-high strength, high toughness, quenched and tempered alloy steel. Thanks to its advanced strength and fracture toughness properties, it may enable designers to lighten the weight of parts for high-load applications by as much as 25%. The weight reduction estimates are based on the attainable ultimate tensile strength of 2,040 MPa (296 ksi) combined with the fracture toughness which is much higher than the lower-strength alternatives. Refer to the table for technical comparisons with several alloy steels currently in use.

Lighter-weight components could result in a reduction of stress on other parts, meaning lower energy consumption throughout a product’s lifecycle.

PremoMet alloy is available exclusively from Carpenter in bar, hollow bar, wire, strip, plate and billet forms and can be plated.


steel, e.g.

    Bearing steel

High strength
steel, e.g.

Ultimate tensile Strength (MPa)       900 - 1160     1380     1200 - 1850     2040
Yield strength (MPa)       700 - 800     1275     1000 - 1550     1680
Fatigue strength (MPa)       450-600     800-900     550 - 875     1000
Elongation at break (%)       14     3     10     12
Reduction of area (%)       53     30     40     46

Fracture toughness
KIc(MPa(square root)m)

      62     21     60     88

Material data are typical values only.


For more information about Carpenter’s PremoMet™ alloy and other Carpenter alloys, visit Carpenter’s website at, e-mail or telephone (610) 208-2000 or (800) 654-6543. High-res images are available upon request at or from

Carpenter Technology Corporation, based in Wyomissing, PA, USA, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty metals including stainless steel and titanium and various engineered products.

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