Dr. Philip M. Anderson


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Dr. Philip M. Anderson

Professor of Physics - School of Theoretical & Applied Science - Ramapo College of New Jersey (teaches advanced physics and electronics, invention and entrepreneurship) Joined Carpenter Board in 2007

Philip M. Anderson, Ph.D., has served on the Board of Directors for Carpenter Technology Corporation since 2007. He is a member of the Compensation, Corporate Governance, and Science & Technology Committees.

Dr. Anderson is a Professor of Engineering Physics at Ramapo College of New Jersey, where he has taught since 1990. He holds more than 100 foreign and 37 U.S. patents, and was named Inventor of the Year by the New Jersey Inventor’s Hall of Fame in 2001. He also is a respected consultant on technical and intellectual property on new technology and product development for Fortune 100 companies, with particular emphasis on security systems, medical devices, sensors, magnetics, acoustics and materials.

Prior to teaching, he was founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Identitech Corp., 1986-1988; and new venture manager and senior research physicist at Allied Corp. (now Honeywell Corp.) from 1979-1986. Dr. Anderson received his B.S. in physics in 1970 from Widener University, M.S. degrees in both physics and electrical engineering from Drexel University in June 1977, and a Ph.D. in physics from Drexel in 1979.

Dr. Anderson’s qualifications include new product development and his strong background in the intellectual property area of the metals industry as an inventor, teacher, and entrepreneur. In addition, Dr. Anderson’s experience as a Chief Executive Officer contributes to his valuable perspective on the Board.

Areas of expertise: Product Development and Innovation, Intellectual Property, Key Industry Experience

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